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Case Studies

Case Study-1

Interesting Case done at Indo US Superspeciality Hospital, Ameerpet, Hyderabad

At Indo US Hospital, we have recently performed a case of complex angioplasty by a relatively new technique called “SKS” (Simultaneous Kissing Stents). A 40 year man presented with unstable angina and angiogram showed a critical lesion of LAD (left anterior descending Artery) involving the bifurcation of LAD and large diagonal. After dilating both the vessels, 2 stents were simultaneously placed and implanted with excellent result. This technique is called “SKS” technique. This technique is used less often but if properly done gives excellent long term results. We have done it in 8 cases in the last 6 months and all of them are doing well.

Angiogram showing Bifurcation lesion in LAD in RAO Caudal view

Angiogram showing LAD bifurcation lesion with involvement of ostial D1 in RAO cranial view

Angiogram showing 2 wires, one placded in LAD and another in D1

Baloon dilataion of the LAD Lesion being done

Post dilatation result of LAD and D1

Stents positioned sumultaneously in both LAD and D1s

Result after stent implantation showing excellent lumen

Final angiogram showing TIMI 3 Flow